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Specialized Power Comp

Specialized's lightweight Power Comp saddle is Body Geometry designed for both men and women to have top performance in a more aggressive position. Proven through… [more]

Brooks Perforated Leather Bar Tape

Brooks' Perforated Leather Tape adds world-class comfort and style to your prized bicycle. This supple, full-grain leather bar wrap provides fantastic grip and vibration… [more]

Specialized All Condition Armadillo Elite

Specialized's All Condition Armadillo Elite delivers the durability of a training tire with the performance of a racing tire. Specialized’s Gripton rubber compound with… [more]

Specialized Roubaix SL4 Comp Disc - 2015

Thanks to the Specialized FACT carbon frame and fork and its vibration-damping Zertz inserts, you'll ride faster, further, and more comfortably than ever on the… [more]

All-City Space Horse - 2015

Combine two parts versatility, one part bike-fueled thirst for the open road, and a dash of Minnesota-bred style, and you've got yourself All-City's Space Horse. The 612… [more]

Specialized Power Expert

Specialized's ultra-light Power Expert saddle is Body Geometry designed for both men and women to have top performance in a more aggressive position. Proven through… [more]

Cervelo R2 (105) - 2015

You've seen Cervelo's R-series bikes dominating the highest climbs and the roughest cobbles in the world; climb aboard their R2 and embrace a more active view — from the… [more]

Brooks C15 Cambium

The first racing-profile saddle in Brooks' Cambium range, the C15 provides a narrow pedaling profile and reduced weight. It's made from vulcanized rubber and organic… [more]



Looking for friendly, hard working, self motivated individuals that love bikes and like working with other people that love bikes. At least two years of experience preferred but exceptions can be made. Must be able to work sales and service. Our standards are high, we work hard, and our interview process will give you nightmares. Send resumes to
If your resume looks promising we'll contact you for an interview. If not, we'll print it out, set it on fire and mail you the ashes along with a thank you card. Kidding. There will be no thank you card.


Group rides aren't just for the gods. So for those of us that can't sustain a 30mph pace for 60 miles into a 20 mph headwind, here is our ride.
- Leaving the Andersonville store at 5434 n. Clark Sunday mornings at 7:00. This is a 25-30 mile ride at a comfortable pace. Not too slow, not too fast. Just right? Maybe. About 18 mph going out and a little faster coming back. If you're looking for a race pace this group ride is not for you.
-The route is very straight forward so if you do fall behind it is very easy to get back on your own.
- Required items for the ride are, road bike, helmet, water, the ability to fix a flat tire and the tools to do so. Don't know how to change a flat? Ask us. We'll show you how. This is a non-competitive ride but we do want you to be prepared.
-We will ride single file out of the city. We will not be jerks to other people.
-You are required to have fun but if you find you are incapable of doing so, at least have the decency to pretend you're having fun.

- The ride is cancelled on days below 20F or if it's raining.
- Direct any questions to


My name is Manuel Tenorio and i own Johnny Sprockets.

Here's how it all started. When I was 6 I taught myself how to ride a bike. I wouldn't let my dad help me so I crashed all day until I figured out. I was instantly hooked.
In the winter my mom wouldn't let me ride outside so I would ride my bike in circles in our basement.
I took my first bike apart when I was 12, painted it, and put it back together. There were parts left over but it still worked.
I bought my first road bike with my own money when I was 13. I mowed lawns, walked dogs, painted houses, and did any odd jobs I could find for a year to save up for it. It was too big but I didn't care and on my first ride the police stopped me because they thought I stole it. I managed to convince them otherwise and they let me go.
In high school, when everyone was getting their first car at 16 I was getting my first mountain bike. I went off road for the first time at Palos and was instantly hooked on mountain biking. I still can't get enough of it 20 years later.
In the army I was the only soldier riding a bike to work. In full uniform. Doing wheelies the whole way. I got in trouble for that a few times but it was worth it. Apparently being stuck in traffic is behavior more appropriate for a soldier.
In 2001 I walked into Johnny Sprockets to buy shoes and I never left. In 2008 I took on a loan to buy the business.
People often ask me how my bike shop is different. I usually answer that question by talking about the quality and level of our service, our products, our support, stuff like that. But that's not really it.
The difference is, this is my life. It's not a job. It's not an investment. It's not a hobby. Cycling is my life. I am not driven by making more money. I don't want a big house. I don't want more locations. I don't care about retirement. What drives everything I do is simple.
Treat my customers and staff with respect and integrity. Constantly work to create the best bike shop I possibly can. Be a resource to our community that people can trust and a place that i can be proud of. That is what makes my shop different. I freaking love it.
I work in my stores with my staff and with my customers every day so if I ever fall short of that standard please let me know. You know where to find me.

Manuel Tenorio

Bike shop owner/ Cycling addict

No Interest if paid in full within 12 months!

On purchases of $499 or more with your Specialized S-Card.

Our credit program is an easy way to get the bike and accessories you want right away.* Apply now, and you could be riding your new bike soon. Apply in store or online. Once approved you can use your credit line right away!

*Subject to credit approval. See store for details.


Specialized Epic Comp Carbon 29 - 2014
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